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Fast thinkers need a strong container and The Parenting Architect will help you build one.  The world needs the leader that your child is becoming, and your role in their development is key.


We provide catalytic coaching packages that revolutionise the experience of being a family in the 21st century .

As a result you will experience flow in your home and be best placed to support your child’s unique social, emotional and educational needs, all whilst staying connected to your own projects and passions.

Be powerfully present as a parent

Are you ready to form lasting bonds that remove the risk of negative peer groups, drug use or self harm?

Establish play as your disciplinary tool

Would you like your child to cooperate without threats, bribes, punishment or coercion?

Utilise parenting to propel your own productivity

What would it feel like to have the time, space and energy for what you want to create?


Who Am I?


I’m Devon, the founder of The Parenting Architect and a sought-after coach, writer, and researcher in the area of gifted families. I love helping parents with highly aware, sensitive kids create unshakable connection within their family so they can truly relax and live a full and wonderful life.

Apart from parenting my own gifted child and being the child of a gifted parent, I hold a degree in the field of child and adolescent development with several diplomas spanning addiction, community development and social justice.

I am a certified coach and consultant with The Aware Parenting Institute as well as a qualified yoga and meditation teacher in viniyoga 

I believe in the inherent goodness of children, and I believe that with the right support and guidance all children can thrive — and so can you. If you are curious about working with me, it’s easy to book a complimentary discovery call. I love having conversations with parents to get clear if we are a good fit to work together or not, so please don’t hesitate to book one using the button below.

Let’s help our children can grow into the leaders we need them to be!

“Pain pushes until vision pulls.”
~ Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwoth

“Devon lives and breathes the philosophies of conscious parenting and conscious living. As well as holding such divine wisdom in her words and ability to hold space, she has such a wonderful playful side that can make anyone feel at ease “

– Lael Stone

“Devon has a superpower in understanding the variety of ways that giftedness manifests, and she is able to communicate about it in ways that are easily understandable without oversimplifying the challenges. She lives it, and she gets it! In our group, she engages with each person and family as unique individuals with unique needs. Because she truly sees each of us and sprinkles in her natural playfulness, she creates a very safe space. Being in her presence is nothing less than being in a sacred space. I learn so much with her, and I’m deeply grateful that I found her and she is helping to make the lives of our gifted families happier.”

– Doris R. Coach and homeschooling mom

“Devon was the first person I felt comfortable saying, ‘I am gifted’ to. She helped me see and celebrate my multipotentiality, and thus, I am able to better guide my gifted children. I am so grateful for this lovely, caring woman.”

– Kathleen B.

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