From the rubble of the Pandemic something beautiful has emerged, my business has reformed, grown legs and soared and simultaneously the connection with my child has deepened.

Through the chaos and the confusion, we came together, through the storm we found our North Star, our rudder and a strong sense of control over when to put the sails up and when to let them down. 

We found a sense of stillness and from there we have responded to the call to arms.

So many families have found themselves unwittingly thrust into homeschooling.  So many families not accustomed to spending time together and spending time being still.  I know for me, the biggest shock was the interruption of the basics.  The interruption of the meal preparation, the flow from shopping list to grocery store to kitchen to table.  The other was my need for time immersed in nature, not being able to visit the local park and have my child be able to rock, roll, swing and twirl in the usual way that I know assists his body in integrating and assimilating the pressures of life.  

I know for so many parents it was a major disruption to finances, a major disruption to the routine and rhythm of movement and a major disruption to the finely balanced relationships within the family home.

However, despite this, I am finding as we go on that more and more parents are reporting that instead of being derailed by this, we were actually being strengthened by it. 

And I agree.

I believe we are being offered an opportunity at this time to deepen the parent-child relationship.  

That we are in a place of immense opportunity to find our own deeper centre from which to support all that our children bring to us.  And that by holding the intention, to bring compassion, we can access the love, the wisdom and the power that is necessary to transform any erroneous interpretations and release stuck feelings of the past.  We can use this time to facilitate healing at the deepest level.  

It is also a valuable time to capture an accurate snapshot of our own family structure and to use that to inform us of our next step moving forward.  Do we enjoy what we are experiencing in our homes?  Or is it time to seek the support necessary to up level it?

I am here to help gifted families to create the structures and a sense of fluidity within their homes and to thrive in relationship to one another so that they can show up as the best versions of themselves and allow their children to become the leaders we need them to be.  

I believe that we are all unique beings and each of us requires a tailored approach to undo the traumas of our past, individual and collective, and herald in the new paradigm of conscious awareness with dynamic tools and radical changes in mindset.  I believe that parenting is one of the most potent vehicles available for our spiritual development.  And I believe that this period of the pandemic is an incredible and unprecedented opportunity for growth.

So I wish I could give you three simple steps on how to become the calm, patient and inspired parent you see as possible in your clearest moments.  

The truth is I can give you one.  

To use this time to look closely at your values.  Decide on the ones that truly serve your greater mission in life and give them your full attention, dedicate resources and learn how to communicate them effectively in ways that others can understand.  Then walk forward in your truth.  

It is a brave new world of which we are now all co-authors.  Which chapter will you write?